Through the de-construction of the self

29 Oct

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29 Oct




29 Oct


Unfolding love and compassion

22 Oct

Unfolding-compassion-isUnfolding love and compassion is an outgoing to the new and unexpected that deepens and broadens our discovery of the other.

Through the de-construction of the self

22 Oct

Through-theThrough the de-construction of the self, self-transcendence is the arrival at the new possibility, at the new reality of seeing beyond the measurable to absolute transcendence -Emptiness.

The Buddha as an Innovator Genius

21 Oct

In the four books I have written, I have shown how, in modern terms, the Buddha’s teachings can easily be called a doctrine of Transcendent Psychology that has a universal application for the wellbeing, wisdom and happiness for all human beings. As an innovator, the Buddha reworked and cut through the routinized cultural forms of spiritual meanings of his time. This began with his search for meaning that stemmed from his deep individual need as a way of resolving his own aesthetic tension according to his unique history. As a genius he reworked meaning into a result that the whole culture could and can share. He made a personal resolution that has been utilized by others for centuries.  As a genius, he carried society forward with him allowing others to experience the triumph of his insights. He altered the standards of meanings and created far-reaching psychological understandings and innovations.

The tensions of his whole life situation could not be resolved by the standard world view and he could no longer be nourished from the culture’s symbol systems offered to him at that particular historical time and place.  Through the Buddha’s genius was a creative solution of the problem of suffering – a liberation. This type of innovator is usually not radical by intent but rather in their effect. He was not at first trying to create innovation in the common external world but only in his thoughts and behavior. Siddhārtha, the pre-Buddha, wanted to first set his world right then he gave the world his private insights and program – The Eightfold Path. As an innovator he began timidly, not as a world shaker. However, after offering up his insights and finding acceptance, the Buddha moved forward over the conventional systems of culture with new meanings. The Buddha’s supremely private achievement became the highest public good.

My new Book is published today!

27 Sep

This is the author’s fourth book exploring the complementary relationship between the Buddha’s teachings and modern psychology. Available on Amazon. It reflects his 40 years of study and development of a unique yet cogent perspective that incorporates the traditional Buddhist teachings and his meditation insights, with the research and study of modern scholars and psychologists. This book goes beyond what is usually taught in traditional Buddhist texts as well as comparative psychology essays. The integration of the doctrines is exceptionally helpful for creating psychological wellbeing and for comprehending important truths of life. The present book explores deeply the valuable interface of psychology and the Buddha’s teaching in developing wellbeing and wisdom. The Buddha’s teachings are clearly shown as a foundation for a Relapse Prevention model to eliminate suffering and create happiness in our lives and the world. This book focuses on how the Buddha’s teaching and modern cognitive psychology create a mind/body transformation that culminates in the transcendence of the dualistic subject-object misperception/illusion. ‘As long as we are compelled by the illusion of an inherent self, we remain driven by our wants, fears, and identities, alienated from the world and from understanding the interbeing of life. By awakening and emerging from this ignorance and obsession of self, we truly find release from bondage, enabling us to step forth unencumbered into the world, to be open and compassionate to life, to others, and to find real wellbeing. As a result, we offer wisdom, unconditional compassion, and friendliness to all sentient beings, treating all sentient being as our own family, benefiting others and ourselves. Non-identification is the path to awakening and is the keyword for non-clinging.’